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Super Health Club: New tumblr, new character and poster giveaway!

Hello everyone!

I’m glad to let you all know that I finally decided to open a new tumblr for all my stuff related to the game I’m taking part in: Super Health Club. It’s a tumblr that I will share with other Oonyx Games staff members, and where you will find updates, doodles and stuff related to the game and its development process. Please, check it out:

There’s some stuff posted already, like the design of the third character of the game and some doodles of the characters I did during the past months.  I hope you like them!

To celebrate its opening, Oonyx is giving away a set of 2 posters! All the information about how to take part in the giveaway are posted in the SHC tumblr.

Thanks for all your support!

Because that dude Dongsaeng is very good , i love all his artwork and in the 1st sight you reconize his lines :) I love you buddy <3 -Fabian-

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